Mian Situ

Costume and Hand Painting Workshop

4/10/18 - 4/12/18

10 AM - 5 PM



In this workshop, costume and hands will be the focus.  Hands are often a subject that is neglected but plays an important role in art.  Drapery and fold will be analyzed.  Drawing, value and color will be discussed in these three days.  Mian will be doing demonstration everyday and helping each student individually.


Calvin Liang

Landscape Painting Workshop

5/11/18 - 5/3/18

10 AM - 5 PM



Calvin Liang will be teaching a 3 day workshop with one day of outdoor painting.  Two days will be spent working on a single studio painting based on photos you take on location.  Calvin will begin with a demonstration then he will spend time with each student throughout the rest of the day. It is recommended to bring a laptop or tablet for the studio days.  Alternatively, you may have color prints of your reference photos printed locally.

Plein air painting is a foundational part of training the eye to better understand the concepts of composition, design, and color harmony.

The lessons will include:

  1. How to plan a composition that will be effective for the artist’s intentions and preferences;

  2. How to better see and use warm and cool color in landscape;

  3. How to command hardness and softness of the edges to create space in a painting;

  4. How to simplify the subject matter through the use of basic design, value, color and drawing skills;

  5. How to consider the reasons for different paint surface textures, and brushstroke direction over the forms; and

  6. How to get the best possible results in a short time.


Sean Cheetham

Portrait Painting Workshop

5/5/18 - 5/6/18

10 AM - 5 PM



Learning to paint a portrait from life in oil will be the focus in this 2 day workshop. The Instructor will be going over composition, drawing, likeness, organizing your palette, color mixing, value, edges, and producing a completed portrait. 

Sean uses a very distinct palette, called a “mud-Palette” when working. This palette will be discussed extensively throughout the workshop. The benefits of working with this palette are value and color control. Sean will discuss harmony and unity in your final piece. He will teach you a simple step by step process to painting portraits.