Catherine Bobkoski

Catherine Bobkoski is a still life and figurative artist whose work celebrates the quiet beauty of ordinary things. Her delicate paintings of flowers are exhibited nationally, including at the Oil Painters of America 2018 National Juried Show. She is represented by Sanders Galleries in Tucson, Arizona. Catherine also enjoys sharing her knowledge and love of painting with others. She is a sought after painting instructor and teaches at many art schools throughout Southern California,including Art Mentors, Creative Arts Group and The Watts Atelier, where she began as a student many years ago. Catherine is committed to bringing a passion for art to the next generation. She is an elite drawing and painting instructor at the award-winning Carlsbad Art Farm where she teaches children and shares their inspiration in a natural setting. Catherine began studying drawing and painting at The Watts Atelier in Encinitas, California and later at Grand Central Academy and New York University in New York City. She has also studied with many inspiring artists along the way, including Daniel Keys, Dustin Van Wechel, Vadim Zang and Ignat Ignatov.

April Connors

April Connors is a freelance illustrator and figure drawing instructor whose illustrations have been exhibited in the U.S., Mexico, and Hong Kong.  She teaches at Walt Disney Animation, Gnomon School of Visual Effects and Otis College of Art and Design.

Lisa Liang


Lisa Liang received a BFA with honors in Illustration from ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, California. Upon graduation, she worked at ILM, creating matte paintings for films such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Evan Almighty. From there, she designed concept environments for games such as, Call of Duty, Star Trek OnlineNeverwinter Online, among others. She began her teaching in 2015 when she developed an advanced digital painting tutorial on Pluralsight. Currently, she teaches art privately and at Art Planet Studios. Besides teaching, she also creates fine art paintings and travels to discover new experiences.

SaiPing Lok

Born in Guangzhou China, SaiPing Lok studied illustration at Art Center and Cal State Long Beach. He has worked in the animation business as a background designer and painter for over 23 years, including 18 years in Disney studios.  He earned credit in eight different movies, ranging from Mulanthe Princes and the Frog to Planes, just to name a few.  He is a signature member of the California Art Club and received the first place award of landscape at the Gold Medal Exhibition of CAC in 2012 and received Bowers Museum purchase award in 2004.


Richard Morris


Richard Morris is a representational figure/portrait painter.  He has been teaching in the L.A. area for the last six years at such schools as the California Art Institute, LAAFA, and Laguna College of Art.  He has studied with many prominent L.A. artists such as Sergio Sanchez, Adrian Gottlieb, Marshall Vandruff, Aaron Westerberg, Glen Orbik, and Rey Bustos.  He has recently received a MFA from New York Academy of Art.

Andrew Park

Andrew Park is a figurative artist located in the Los Angeles area. He found his heart’s desire at ArtCenter College of Design where he studied the figure immensely.  Drawing the figure and teaching became some of his greatest passions. He’s been running a figure drawing workshop at ArtCenter for 3 years. He has exhibited in shows in Los Angeles and continues to work towards a unique expression of the figure. 

Edgar Silva

Silva is a contemporary fine art painter, from Los Angeles, California.  Growing up in LA, he was exposed to many artists and art forms.  Edgar's passion and love for art led him to apply to the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, where he had the good fortune to study on a full scholarship with numerous artists.
Edgar Silva continues to show his work in galleries and is currently teaching painting and drawing classes at Art Center College of Design, Laguna College of Art and Design, Gnomon School of
Visual Effects in Hollywood and 3kicks Fine Art Studio in Pasadena.

Mian Situ


Born in Southern China, Mian Situ received his formal art training in his native homeland of Guangdong, formerly Canton. He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Guangzhou Institute of Fine Art, and a few years later earned a Masters in Fine Art. Mian’s paintings clearly reflect his upbringing in the rural countryside of his native China. His deep-toned impressionistic paintings of the backcountry often focus on people going about their daily lives in their small villages and farming communities. Mian’s artistic versatility is also evident in his exquisite portraiture, as well as his more recent works inspired by western historical themes and American landscapes. Since 1995, he has been recognized with many national art awards. During the 2003 Masters of the American West show at the Gene Autry Museum, he was honored with three major awards: the Thomas Moran Memorial Award (in recognition of exceptional artistic merit), Artists’ Choice Award and Patrons’ Choice Award. He has also won the Award for Excellence for Master Signature Members for his painting, “Helpful Hand”.

Tim Tien

Tim has participated at numerous national exhibitions and plein air events across the US, in which he had been honored first place awards and Best of show awards. Tim has been invited or juried
into exhibitions such as the International Fine Art Fair; the annual Gold Medal Exhibition; the Annual Salon International Exhibition; Plein Air Easton; the Carmel Art Festival: the San Luis Obispo plein
air event and many others. Tim has served as Juror for different shows.  Tim studied the art of oil painting intensively for many years with many renowned artists qho can be traced back to the lineage of the old master and the Russian impressionist.  Tim is an instructor at the Plein Air Convention and is also teaching painting at Pasadena, Montrose, Diamond Bar and Palos Verdes. Tim is also an Artist
member of California Art Club.

Joseph Todorovitch

Joseph Michael Todorovitch is a contemporary painter, immersed in figurative subject matter, who is exploring painting through the lens of a naturalist perspective. His paintings are searching for a breathing sense of light, space, time, and subtle narratives that are personal but allow the viewer to ponder and create meaning. His concern for excellence of craftsmanship is balanced with a freedom to explore the playful side of paint application. He simultaneously pushes to create interest with surface abstraction and visual fidelity. The concert of the technical narrative, along with the implied narrative of the subject matter, requires the viewer to complete the experience of a Todorovitch work of art.

Lin Hua Zheng

Lin Zheng.jpg

Born in China, Lin Zheng began to paint at the age of twelve. He received his Bachelor of Arts in oil painting from the prestigious Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 1981. Soon after, he worked as a professional artist in a local literature and art association and taught fine art classes on a part-time basis at Shantou University for six years. In 1987, Lin moved to the United States and continues toproduce fine art paintings, which include a variety of masterful human figures, seascapes, landscapes, and still-lifes that are influenced by his special zeal for color, light, and shadow.
His paintings have been widely collected by individuals, fine art galleries, universities, and museums
from the United States, Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Thailand. Many galleries in
the United States have sold and continue to show and sell Lin's paintings.
In the past, Lin devoted part of his talents to Walt Disney, Universal Studios, Sony, Film Roman, and
other Hollywood animation studios, in various capacities from Background Artist to Art Director on such shows as Where on Earth is Carmen San Diego?, Cinderella Stoies, Mulan II, and Tarzan II. He was the Emmy Award winner in 1996 and Emmy Award nominee in 1994 and 1995 for some of the animation shows he participated in. As his paintings become increasingly popular and demanding in the art collection community, Lin has decided to work full time and focus his talents on producing quality oil paintings. His capable draftsmanship and keen eye for composition, coupled with his regular studies on live models, allow him to build a strong foundation for every painting. His loose and impressionistic brushstrokes stimulate the eye and pleasantly guide the viewer to the focal point of his painting, often a ballerina preparing for the stage or a dancer enjoying her performance.
The strong tones of the light and dark in some of his paintings also lead to the focus and add to the
sense of drama. Lin Zheng is considered as a contemporary master of classical impressionism.
The strong tones of the light and dark in some of his paintings also lead to the focus and add to the
sense of drama. Lin Zheng is considered as a contemporary master of classical impressionism